Bees & Taylor Introduces: Ugly Summer Sandals

Praise be! The sun is out (well, it was) which means it is time for a pedicure and new pair of summer sandals.

For 2014 the hottest designs are rubber, chunky soled and utilitarian; yes really.

On looking at this blog you will think one of two things:

1) At last there are some ultra-cool and modern flats for a stylish summer

2) Over my dead gladiator-style sandal-wearing body Yes, the ugly summer sandal has clumsily clomped its way to the top of the style charts via bejewelled Prada, Marc Jacobs pool-side sliders and wearable Zara platforms (these are the ones we love and can afford.)

So what do you think?

Vanni Bassetti Tumblr - Street Style with Celine's Fur Lined Sandals Zara Leather Cross Sandals Vanni Bassetti Tumblr - Prada sandals at Paris Fashion Week   Marc Jacobs Leather Slides Celine Flat Sandal in Python Kenzo Palm Tree Print Sandal Prada Ultramarine Blue + Steel Sandal Vanni Bassetti Tumblr

1. Celine from Vanni Bassetti Tumblr
2. Zara
3. Prada from Vanni Bassetti Tumblr 3. Marc Jacobs
4. Celine
5. Kenzo
6. Prada:
7. Image from Vanni Bassetti Tumblr