The Beginnings

I’m taking you on a journey back to 2008, and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship that was to become the foundations for Bees & Taylor.

We, that is Antonia and Emily, met whilst working at, online designer boutique, and back then, home to a small, close-knit London staff. With a mutual love of fashion and a thirsty appreciation for a glass of wine after work, we spent two inseparable years in each others company. Still now, many of these kindred ‘drobers are our closest friends and supporters.

We left with lasting memories of cupcake gluttony on a Friday afternoon and a weakness for beautiful clothes. The last being the reason we left destitute, but with a good eye for quality cuts, shapes and styles. Despite our own absence of self-control, we are big believers in spending money well and buying for longevity.

It was less than 2 years later, likely over a cupcake or three, that we came together with an idea. Following some extensive googling of the HMRC and sleepless nights worrying over the finer details, Bees & Taylor was born in 2013, together with a genuine excitement to work as a styling duo – watch out Trinny and Susannah!