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  • How to Luxe in Leather

  • Okay, we’re talking leather. The leather trend is an autumnal favourite and has been for years thanks to style icons from James Dean to Kate Moss (dam, look at her!) who have made it both cool, classy and rebellious. Whether you’re a fashion wallflower or confident with your dressing, there is a way[...]
  • The Beginnings

  • I'm taking you on a journey back to 2008, and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship that was to become the foundations for Bees & Taylor. We, that is Antonia and Emily, met whilst working at, online designer boutique, and back then, home to a small, close-knit London staff.[...]
Whilst Emily Giffard-Taylor and Antonia O’Brien come from different sides of the industry, they are both fashion loving, hard-working and passionate about the job. They met when working together for a luxury e-tailer and have been strong friends since. Most who meet the pair agree that they are obvious pairing and through a shared love of fashion, from Emily’s love of cocktail rings to Antonia’s appreciation for sharp tailoring, they decided to double up and start a business; Bees & Taylor. With a great balance of styling experience, business understanding, industry knowledge and a sense of humour, this duo bring a fresh approach to personal styling. Emily has a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, from publishing to retail and PR to styling, working with VIP’s and celebrities, across TV, music and editorial projects. With a keen eye for the styles and shapes to suit, an endless energy and a natural way with people, she will offer you simple yet practical advice to boost your confidence and better understand your sense of style. Antonia has always loved the fun side of fashion and understood the importance of a hard working wardrobe. With years of experience both in front of the TV camera as a fashion commentator and behind-the scenes, she has both style and insight to the world of fashion. With an extensive knowledge of brands, a reassuring approach and effortless charm she will figure out the right direction for you.